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Answers to Your Heating and Cooling Questions

Buying a heat pump, furnace, or air conditioning system can be stressful. Next to your house, a home comfort system is one of your biggest investments. Air Temp Heating & Cooling is here to help, with answers to some of the most common questions.

Is it better to repair or replace my existing system?

In general, you should replace your existing home comfort system when repairs cost 30% of a new purchase or more, or when utility bills have increased 50% due to your older, less efficient system.

How much money will I save with new equipment?

About 44% of a home's energy bill is consumed by air conditioning and heating systems. Today's ENERGY STAR™ qualified systems are up to 60% more efficient than equipment that is 10 years old.

Is it really necessary to install a central HVAC system?

A central home comfort system is a great solution for comfort and better indoor air quality and humidity control.

Which thermostat is the best to use with my system?

A programmable thermostat offers accurate, reliable, energy-saving performance. For more savings and convenience, our Residential Communicating Control with Wi-Fi support works with your mobile device, allowing you to easily program your system no matter where you are.

How do I choose the right contractor?

Choose a contractor who is associated with a recognized brand. If someone is backed by the product and training resources of a major manufacturer, you can be confident that you're getting the home comfort system that best meets your needs.

How do I choose the right heating and/or cooling system?

There’s no replacement for solid advice from an expert. The right contractor can determine your operating costs by doing a load calculation or an energy analysis. After learning your needs, your contractor will customize a system for you.

Can any of the components from my existing system be reused?

Each system is different. Your contractor will conduct a thorough inspection of your electrical system, ductwork and other components, providing a rundown of what needs to be replaced and what can be reused.

How complicated is it to install a new system?

It depends on the specific house and system. While air conditioners and gas furnaces require different components, they both rely on ductwork, which must be the proper size and must be zoned for proper system performance. Your contractor can take a look at your system and let you know how complicated the work will be.

What does the air handler do for my system?

An air handler is responsible for circulating conditioned air throughout your home. You can also add accessories to humidify, dehumidify, or filter the air stream.

How can I improve indoor air quality?

Indoor air is not necessarily cleaner than outdoor air. In fact, it can be from 5 to 100 times more polluted than outdoor air. By using humidifiers, dehumidifiers, UV lights, ventilation systems, and air filter technologies, you can greatly improve your indoor air quality.

Air Temp Heating & Cooling understands that you have unique needs for your home’s air quality. We can provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision based on your budget and lifestyle. For the best equipment, controls, service, and installation, call today and learn why we’re the smart choice!

Still have questions? Call us in Kelowna to discuss your unique needs!

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