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Get All Your Ducts in a Row

When installed properly, your ductwork system should be unnoticeable behind the walls of your home. The ducts should be nearly noiseless and should provide air flow throughout your home for optimal comfort and an even temperature. However, if your ductwork isn’t installed properly or isn’t designed well for your home, it may make noise, fail to circulate air adequately, and cause areas of your home to have uneven temperatures. At Air Temp Heating & Cooling, our experienced ductwork technicians can examine your home to determine what changes need to be made to your ductwork to allow for proper air circulation. Call us if you’re building an addition to your home, installing a new furnace or other home comfort system, or doing renovations to an older home. We’ll take the time to go over all the necessary changes and give you an accurate estimate of the cost and time involved.

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